Africa Eclipse 2001
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I'm Mark Janes. I live just outside on London, England. In June 2001 I travelled through Southern Africa with my 15 year old son, Philip, to view the total eclipse of the sun. This is our story.

A total eclipse is one of the most amazing natural phenomena. There is a huge difference between a total eclipse and even a major partial eclipse. If you've never seen one, we hope our site will inspire you to travel in search of one.

The site's not finished yet, so please bear with us.

Overview of the Trip
We started planning the trip a year ahead. Right from the start we decided it should be an educational experience for Philip (he is basing his GCSE Geography assignment around the trip). It should also be a bit of an adventure.

Options for viewing locations included Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Madagascar. We wrote off Angola early on (too risky) and finally settled on northern Zimbabwe.

We flew to Johannesburg, rented a 4x4 truck with camping equipment and headed north. All in all it was a trouble-free trip, but we did encounter problems, including having our supplies confiscated at the Botswana border (foot and mouth disease precautions) and having trouble finding fuel in Zimbabwe.

The June 21, 2001 Eclipse at Totality

Enjoy Our Site!
We've included a photo-diary of the trip on this site, together with links to all the organisations that were so helpful in the planning and execution.

We did most of our planning and research on-line. So if you are planning something similar, the Links Page is a great place to start!

If you would like any further information, or have anything to contribute, please email or call me (go to the Contact page). You can also leave a message and browse our Message Board by clicking the link below..

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Our Home For Two Weeks
This is the Toyota Hilux we rented from Compass Ventures in Jo'Burg
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